An Englishman In San Diego

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Talkin’ Con: A Cup O’ Tea with An Englishman In San Diego s06e08 (7th...

"…To be in England, In the Summertime with my love / Close to the edge…"Close (To The Edit), The Art Of Noise Okay, it might...

An Englishman’s Opinion: Hall H ‘A State Of The Union’

"When social media exploded from those in the room that did see the Marvel Studios INFINITY WAR reel [at Disney D23], that only stoked the fire for Hall H the following weekend – of course that meant that Saturday in that room was going to be the hot ticket! And that’s when the lines begins to form earlier and and earlier… The only solution will be how Comic-Con International handles line management moving forward: there are many possible outcomes – some of them very drastic..."