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Curated by Dan Berry, this is the home for the latest news in pop culture – comics, film, television, games, cosplay, trailers, reviews, interviews and special features… anything that attracts Dan’s roving eye, lands here.

ATTACK ON TITAN Season Four Part One review – Where has Eren gone?

It has always been years in between seasons of AOT, but that doesn't mean that makes anyone any less ready for more. Since hearing...

Sandbox Spotlight: TONY FLEECS, Comic Creator / Artist / Writer

THE CONVENTION COLLECTIVE: Thank you for joining us in the Spotlight, Tony! How did you get into writing and art and why did you want...

ABYSSAL ALBION #2 review – Creature Feature (Campbell, Lowden, Black, Sewell, Reynolds)

Writer: Thomas J. CampbellArtist: Wayne LowdenColorist: Trilby BlackBack Cover Artist: Davey Jebadiah SewellLogo Design and Letterer: Ken Reynolds Thanks to Thomas J. Campbell for the review copy! The first...

Interview: GAIRO CUEVAS (Pixar Animation Studios), In Conversation with Nika Yaya

A moment of reflection with Gairo Cuevas  Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gairo (pronounced HI-ro) Cuevas, an aspiring filmmaker, current cinematographer...

WHAT IF…? S1 E6 ‘Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark’ review – I was really looking...

At this point I think it's unrealistic to hope that Marvel might give us one more happy story in this season of What If…?...

DC’S STARGIRL S2 E5 ‘Summer School: Chapter Five’ review – Painter’s Muse

It’s interesting to see the first season of Stargirl played out another way - instead of assembling the next generation of heroes, this season...

DC’S STARGIRL S2 E4 ‘Summer School: Chapter Four’ review – Family Ties

Stargirl’s second season (dubbed “Summer School”) finally brings back two of my favorite characters - Sportsmaster and Tigress (played by Joy Osmanski, who I...

Sandbox Spotlight: DON NGUYEN, Comic Creator/Artist

THE CONVENTION COLLECTIVE:Thank you for joining us in the Spotlight, Don! How did you get into writing and art and why did you want...

CANDYMAN (2021) review – Mirror Mirror

Title: CandymanDirector: Nia DaCostaStarring: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Colman DomingoMovie length: 1 hour 31 minutes Candyman is a soft sequel to the...

BERMUDA #1 review – Bermuda Trifecta (Layman, Bradshaw, O’Grady, Dunbier, Osorio) IDW Publishing

Writer and Letterer: John LaymanArtist: Nick BradshawColorist: Len O'GradyEditor: Scott DunbierDesigner: Amauri Osorio Thanks to IDW Publishing for the review copy! Bermuda brings a few things to...