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These are the comics related posts, curated by Dan Berry for the Sandbox area of the site.

Invisible Kingdom #1 Review: A Cosmic Tale with a Terrestrial Message

INVISIBLE KINGDOM #1 Written by G. Willow Wilson, Art by Christian Ward Synopsis:...

Calamity Kate #1 Review: Amazing Monster Hunter, Terrible Roommate

CALAMITY KATE #1 Written by Magdalene Visaggio, Art by Corin Howell, Color by Valentina Pinto

The Forgotten Queen #1 Review – When the !@#$ am I?

THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN Written by Tini Howard, Art by Amilcar Pinna A copy...

The Ballad of Sang – An Ode to the Unexpected

Synopsis: Hit writer Ed Brisson (OLD MAN LOGAN, CABLE) and newcomer Alessandro Micelli present...

Cold Spots Volume 1: Truly Chilling, or just Lukewarm?

COLD SPOTS by Cullen Bunn & Mark Torres with lettering by Simon Bowland

Outer Darkness #4: A Crew Full of Bad Guys!

OUTER DARKNESS #4 Written by John Layman, Art by Afu Chan, Lettering by Pat Brosseau

The Sequels #1: Holy 80s Nostalgia Batman!

THE SEQUELS #1 Written by Norm Harper, Art by Val Halvorson & Bobby Timony

Image Comics – News week (February 11th, 2019)

This week Image Comics announced a new series that fans of DC / Vertigo's FABLES may be...

Marvel Comics – News week (February 11th, 2019)

In our latest recap of the weekly news from Marvel we bring you details on an Avengers...

Valiant Comics – News week (February 11th, 2019)

In our recap of the past week's news from Valiant comes a preview of a new variant...

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