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Sera and The Royal Stars #2 review: One Hell of an Entrance

Writer: Jon Tseui Artist: Audrey Mok Colorist: Raul Angulo Letterer: Jim Campbell Thanks to Vault Comics for providing a copy for review!

Sera and the Royal Stars #1 review: Not Just Another Chosen One

Writer: Jon Tseui Artist: Audrey Mok Colorist: Raul Angulo Letterer: Jim Campbell Thanks to...

Rat Queens #19 review: The Bitches are Back!

Writer and Letterer: Ryan Ferrier Artist: Priscilla Petraites Colorist: Marco Lesko Thanks to...

Giant Days Volume 11 review: Daisy ends up in a cult, again

Writer:  John AllisonInterior and Cover Artist: Max SarinColorist: Whitney CogarLetterer: Jim Campbell Thanks to...

Cult Classic: Creature Feature #1 review: Slug Monsters

Writer: Eliot RahalArtist: John BivensColorists: Hannah Jerrie & Iris MonahanLetterer: Taylor EspositoDesigner: Tim Daniel

Review: MONEY SHOT #1 ‘…A Deep, Hard Read’

Writer: Tim Seeley & Sarah BeattieArtist: Rebekah IsaacsColorists: Kurt Michael RussellLetterer: Crank!Designer: Tim Daniel

Paramount Pictures options AHOY Comics PLANET OF THE NERDS for a movie

Earlier today it was announced that Paramount Pictures picked up the rights to PLANET OF THE NERDS...

Crone #1 review: Bloody Bliss Tempts Death – SPOILERS

Writer: Dennis Culver Interior and Cover Artist: Justin Greenwood Colorist: Brad Simpson Letterer: Pat Brosseau Thanks to...

The Marked #1 review: Hello Magic Tattoo’s

Writers: Brian Haberlin and David Hine, Artist: Brian Haberlin, Colorist: Geirrod van Dyke, Letterer: Francis Takenaga

The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance to the Mask #1 review: Not If He Eats...

Writer: Christopher Cantwell, Interior and Cover Artist: Patric Reynolds, Letterer: Nate Piekos, Colorist: Lee Loughridge

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