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These are the comics related posts, curated by Dan Berry for the Sandbox area of the site.

THE SEQUELS Trade Paperback: Now you can Binge Read it!!!

Written by: Norm Harper Illustrated and Colored by: Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony Flatted by: Deanna PoppeLettered by:...

STRANGER THINGS: SIX #1 and #2 Review: Familiar Faces, Familiar Fears

Writer: Jody HouserPenciller: Edgar SalazarInker: Keith ChampagneLetterer: Nate PiekosColorist: Marissa LouiseCover Artist: Aleksi Briclot

INVISIBLE KINGDOM #3 and #4: Government Conspiracy Really Brings People Together!

Writer: G.Willow Wilson - Artist, Colorist, Cover Artist: Christian Ward -Editor: Karen Berger

OVER THE GARDEN WALL – HOLLOW TOWN Review: A Step Back into The Unknown!

Written by Celia Lowenthal, Pat McHale (Creator),  Jorge Monlongo (Illustrations), Kike J. Díaz (Colorist), Mike Fiorentino (Letterer), and Miguel Mercado...

CARAVAGGIO: A LIGHT BEFORE THE DARKNESS Review: An Angel with a Brush, A Demon...

Written by Ken Mora, Art by Cyrus Mesarcia, Colored by Lancelot Catan & Beezzz Studios

Marvel announces variant covers for upcoming MARVEL COMICS #1000 issue

Earlier this year Marvel announced details on their Marvel Comics #1000 issue coming later this year as...

MARILYN MANOR #1 Review: Rebellious First Daughter + 80s Vibes + Ghosts?

Written by Magdalene Visaggio - Art & Cover by Marley Zarcone - Cover Color by Tamra Bonvillain...

FAITHLESS #2 and #3 Review: The Sexy Vibes Continue (NSFW Warning)

Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Maria LlovetLetterer: AndWorld DesignMain Cover Artist: Paul Pope Thanks...

EVE STRANGER #2 Review: It’s about to get Zany up in here!!!

David Barnett (Author) • Philip Bond (Artist, Cover Artist) • Eva de la Cruz (Colorist) • Jane Heir (Letterer) • Megan Brown (Assistant Editor) • Shelly...

STEEL CAGE #1 Review: A Comic Book Triple Threat!

“Noah Zark” Writer Mark Waid, Artist Lanna Souvanny, and Letterer Rob Steen“True Identity” Writer Tom Peyer, Artist...

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