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These are the gaming related posts, curated by Dan Berry for the Sandbox area of the site.

Star Trek: Adventures adds a New Campaign Guide for the ‘Lower Decks’ series

Fans of the animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, are getting a chance to play out their red-shirt-crewmate dreams with the upcoming release of...

Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom – GTA But if it Was a Fantasy Game

Described as “a heavy Punk, Metal & Stoner vibe” RPG, I was compelled to learn more about Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom (DDHoD) upon...

Blade Runner, the Roleplaying Game: Human or Replicant, You Decide

As a fan of the gritty, morally-challenging stories presented in the Blade Runner universe, I was super excited to receive a box full of...

LunarLux: An 8-Bit/Manga Mashup in Space Video Game Worth Checking Out

After learning about the explosively successful Kickstarter campaign behind LunarLux, by Freedom Games, I am happy to report that my playtest of the game...

D&D Advent Calendar! SEASONS OF ADVENTURE 5e Playable Advent Calendar Kickstarter campaign

Advent calendars are ubiquitous these days, featuring everything from make-up to beer and even an official Friends-themed advent calendar. Up-and-coming game design company, The...

DAMION POITIER and HANNIBAL TABU (The Sundering, The Nation Beneath Our Feet), In Conversation...

Tabletop Roleplaying Games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons, have experienced a massive resurgence in recent years, allowing more and more people to to take on...

Counterspell Miniatures from 1985 Games: Masterful and Unique Mini Designs

The new line of miniatures from 1985 Games are intricately and excellently designed, and offer a few unique miniature concepts to help you imagine...

Gift Guide – Gift Ideas To Make Your Holiday Gathering More Fun

With the holidays approaching, it can be hard to figure out what gifts to get for your loved ones. Thankfully, I have some gift ideas...

SECOND EXTINCTION video game review – Co-op shooter game…with mutated dinosaurs

Screw Jurassic Park! This game has taken me back to my Turok N64 days, granted the graphics for Second Extinction are significantly better. I...

Finding Nessie game review – Loch Ness Cuteness

Finding Nessie is one of those games built around a theme that draws me in - the Loch Ness Monster. The colorful cover sports an...