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These are the television series related posts, curated by Dan Berry for the Sandbox area of the site.

THE GARCIAS Season 1 review, and interview with Executive Producer/Showrunner Jeff Valdez

Title: The Garcias Creator: Jeff Valdez Streaming: HBO Max About: The saga of The Brothers Garcia continues in HBO’s newest update aptly named The Garcias. It...

Ms. Marvel S1 E3 ‘Destined’ review – I see they chose violence

We are in for it this week, and all I want is more. I still have no clue how this show can get me...

Ms. Marvel S1 E2 ‘Crushed’ review – Learning the Superhero Life

Happy Ms. Marvel review day! Here we are second week in, and lots to unpack and discuss. Let’s start off with the most fun,...

Ms. Marvel S1 E1 ‘Generation Why’ review – Cosmic Warrior

It’s that time again! Here we are back at the Marvel MCU TV show weekly review, and I have to say this is going...

MOON KNIGHT S1 E6 review – Who’s Ready to save the world?

Well here we are, the final episode to season one of Moon Knight (which I believe is a limited series). I didn’t think they...

MOON KNIGHT S1 E5 review – Balancing the Scales

This was an insane episode this week, mountains of information and backstory revealed and we are now only down to one episode left! Who...

MOON KNIGHT S1 E4 review – A trip to the inner mind actually gives...

We are in for a whirlwind this week! I was excited for Steven on his first adventure, and was absolutely terrified of the thought...

MOON KNIGHT S1 E3 review – A lovely night sky

We were in for a long episode this week, lots of details and even farther into the meat of the story. Yet the question...

MOON KNIGHT S1 E2 review: Who is Marc Spector?

This show is a whirlwind, like wow. I love puzzles and I had a lot of stray pieces from last week's first episode. This...

MOON KNIGHT S1 E1 review: Confused but intrigued

It’s been awhile since I’ve weekly review for Marvel, but it’s good to be back! Moon Knight is the newest show that Marvel has...