SDCC 2019: In Conversation with Jody Houser (STRANGER THINGS: SIX)


Continuing the posting of our coverage of this years San Diego Comic-Con, there were so many sights and sounds available to sink in, with our ‘boots on the ground’ checking out as much as they possibly could, as well as interviewing some really cool and interesting creatives, dotted around the show.

Our Sandbox Comics Reviewer Samantha Maybe visited to the Dark Horse Comics booth to talk to the extremely busy Jody Houser, a writer who has dipped her toes into both creator-owned work and licensed properties for pretty much every major publisher out there, from STAR WARS (Marvel Comics), to DOCTOR WHO (Titan Comics), to STRANGER THINGS (Dark Horse Comics).

SDCC 2019, Titan Comics ‘Doctor Who’ Panel (credit:

It’s this last property that Samantha and Jody mostly discussed as the STRANGER THINGS: SIX mini-series recently hitting shelves, with the trade due to arrive in November. The conversation steered around Jody’s obvious and deep love for the series (talking about her Halloween dress-ups as Eleven in recent years!), as well as the challenges of creating new and interesting characters to flesh out the players in the world of Hawkins.

Check out the full interview here: and Sam’s review of STRANGER THINGS: SIX issues 1 and 2 here:

Pre-order your copy of the Stranger Things: SIX Paperback here: It is set for release on November 28th, 2019.

They also get into Jody’s long-standing love affair with San Diego Comic-Con, as well as touching briefly on the massive array of other titles that she currently on the boil as well as coming to comic book stores in 2019 and beyond.

Thanks to Jody for taking the time to do the conversation, and to Sam and the team from Dark Horse Comics for helping setting up the interview. Enjoy!!

Also be sure to check out Sam’s other reviews and interviews here.


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