A DEADLY LEGEND: Darren Shulman In Conversation with Eric Wolf and Kristen Anne Ferraro


A DEADLY LEGEND is an independently-made horror movie about a real estate developer who buys a haunted/cursed campground – she and her crew go up to the site to start construction… and violence and calamity ensues! Mixing dark humour and grim gore, featuring creative ways to kill its protagonists and enough twists to keep things interesting, A DEADLY LEGEND’s underpinned by two opposing supernatural forces, both of which pose a threat to the people up at the camp who coincidentally can’t get a cell signal … and the phone lines are out.

The Convention Collective’s Darren Shulman was incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to talk to the writer, Eric Wolf, and one of the producers of the film, Kristen Anne Ferraro, about the origin of the project, the fortuitous casting of the likes of Lori Perry, Judd Hirsch and Corbin Bernsen, and the challenges of releasing an independent movie in the age of COVID.

Our huge thanks to Eric and Kristen for their generous time for this interview, and to Susan Engel of Rogers & Cowen for setting up the conversation.

A DEADLY LEGEND is released on digital and streaming platforms on Friday 24th July 2020. Read our review, here: http://theconventioncollective.com/sandbox/movie-review-a-deadly-legend-silly-but-fun


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