DesignerCon 2018: 11th, 12th & 13th rounds of DKE TOYS exclusives announced


Continuing the exclusive announcements for DesignerCon are the final three waves that DKE Toys will be bringing to the show.

In the final set of announcements we have a STRANGER THINGS / HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON mashup, a DJANGO UNCHAINEDSTAR WARS mashup, and more. 

Cease & Desist by Factory Sample

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30.
FACTORY SAMPLE is a enigma wrapped in creativity and shrouded in appropriation.

How to Train Your Stranger Thing by Jay “Toofless” O’Leary
Here it is. Toothless riding Toothless by Toofless.
A note from Jay, “Each toy has different sayings Dustin or Toothless says but modified to toy reference of course. Each hand stamped with Christmas light stamps I found thrifting. Also a toof from my personal collection super exclusive to these ten at DKE dcon 2018.” 
Hand cast 3.75″ scale carded figure set. Signed and numbered edition of 10.

Instagram: @jayoleary

R4Doz Resin Master by 2bitHack
Hand cast 3.75″ scale bagged figure. Signed Limited Edition.
Instagram @2bithack

Vader Video Club by Farkira
Hand painted cardback with hand cast 3.75′ carded figure. Signed edition of 40.
If you are not familiar with the hand painted movie posters from Ghana, you should google it. It’s a thing. Although the Ghanaian Video Clubs are no more, many of the artists are now represented by @deadlypreygallery. Thanks to them we bring you 40 one of a kind hand painted card backs by Farkira. Each piece is signed and numbered and comes with the most horribly cast figure we could find.


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