BIG GIRLS #4 review – Bigger is Better (Howard, Fonografiks) Image Comics


Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

If you haven’t read an issue of BIG GIRLS yet, I suggest you set aside this review and go find issues 1-3. This series about huge women fighting huge monsters has laid out an impressive mythology across three issues and it would be a shame to start in the middle. Issue 4 picks up where the last issue ended – with two of the Big Girls fighting each other after Ember let one of the Jacks (the huge monsters) leave.

While lacking some of the kinetic mayhem of the fights with monsters, the Big Girls class is an interesting change of pace.  Speaking of interesting, things take a very major turn this issue. First, we get a flashback that further explains the main characters’ motivations. Second, we are provided with some major revelations that shake up what we understand about the world of Big Girls. Finally, things are set in motion for a possible game changer in the next issue.

In addition to the fight scene, there are some really effective visuals in this issue. The Jacks seem to be given more detail. They still remind me of something out of the Hellboy universe. I liked how the coloring used pops of red to stand out against the blue hued palate that most of the book uses.

BIG GIRLS has really impressed me with its ability to tell a cool sci-fi story while building a complex world.

BIG GIRLS #4 is available now. is available now.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on issue 5 (set for release on December 16th) of this series.

Have you picked up the issue, and if not are you going to? What were your thoughts on the issue, if you’ve read it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.



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