CHARIOT #2 review – Sister Act (Hill, Petraites, Lesko, Dekal) AWA Studios


Thanks to AWA Studios for the review copy!

The first issue of CHARIOT introduced us to Jim, a down on his luck dad who is trying to scrape together funds to pay for his sick kid. His life changes when he finds a futuristic car that has the personality of a female programmed in it, along with a holographic projection of her. This issue widens the lens and shows us more of the world of CHARIOT. We start by meeting the series’ big bad.  Kudos to the writers for acknowledging what any regular guy would do if his car started talking to him. The consequences of his action are humorous and help move the plot forward.

The title’s use of light continues to be a strongpoint in this series. Gillian’s hologram effect in particular is impressive, both conveying light and transparency. The character design for the ‘bad guy’ is cool and I really liked the transformation effects. While lettering is often overlooked, the text in this book really stands out, from the coloring and shape of Gillian’s speech bubbles to the sound effects integrated into the action scenes, which really enhance those panels.  

While the first issue poured on the action, things slow down a bit as the story takes some time to provide much needed background information. With that said, there is some action, and that violence, coupled with cursing and brief nudity, earns the series’ mature rating. Because this issue includes a fair amount of exposition, it is not completely necessary to have read issue 1 to figure out what this series is about.

CHARIOT #2 is set for release on April 14th.

Check back soon for my thoughts on the third issue of the five part series. The second issue is set for release on May 26th.

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