CROSSOVER #1 review – A High Concept Superhero Story (Cates, Shaw, Cunniffe, Hill) Image Comics


Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

CROSSOVER begins with an interesting philosophical question: Who is more real, us or the comic book characters who will live on long after we die?  Turns out the writer has an answer to that question, as in this series, comic book characters have crossed over into the real world. The book then examines the big picture impact that has on the world as well as focusing on some individual characters to make the story more personal. The result is fascinating.

The art creatively blends classic comic book styling (complete with the ‘dots’) with modern technique. The art team uses a neat layout to show the crossover as if it was being followed on various TVs and cellphones. Consistent with its hard look at the effects of the crossover, there are some panels with a fair amount of blood.

This issue covers a lot of ground in establishing the world, but it also somehow makes time to introduce some interesting characters who will undoubtably be fleshed out more in future issues.

In a landscape filled with different takes on the superhero genre, CROSSOVER manages to tell an interesting story centered around an original concept. If the idea of comic book about comic book characters crossing over into the real world sounds even remotely intriguing to you, I recommend giving this series a try.

CROSSOVER #1 will be released on November 4th.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on issue #2 of the series.

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