CROSSOVER #2 review – Two Worlds Collide (Cates, Shaw, Cunniffe, Hill) Image Comics


Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

CROSSOVER is based on an interesting premise. An event has caused comic book characters to land in our universe. The coolest trick the book pulls off is using vintage comic art techniques for those characters (with the visible dots in the coloring).  This issue provides more detail into how the government has responded to the situation, which provides an interesting additional story layer. We also learn some crucial information about the little girl from the comic universe.

The narration continues to tease a future relationship between Ryan and Ellie, though right now that seems nearly impossible.  I tend not to like foreshadowing, but in this case, it makes me pay more attention to the characters. Ryan hasn’t been fleshed out very much so far, so this gives us a reason to invest in him.

While the story moves forward, I still feel like I am missing some crucial pieces. This feels like it is by design, so I’m anticipating the ‘ah-ha’ moment that will hit me when everything falls into place. Because CROSSOVER seems to be playing the long game, younger readers may not be able to get into it. With that said, aside from a little violence, there isn’t anything that is terribly objectionable.

I recommend starting with Issue 1 (here’s my review of that issue), which established the story universe. Otherwise, the concept might be hard to figure out.

CROSSOVER #2 is now available.

Check back soon for my thoughts on issue #3 of the series which continues the KIDS LOVE CHAINS story arc. Issue 3 is currently available.

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