Cult Classic: Creature Feature #1 review: Slug Monsters

Review by Ali Raphael


Writer: Eliot Rahal
Artist: John Bivens
ColoristsHannah Jerrie & Iris Monahan
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Designer: Tim Daniel

Thanks to Vault Comics for providing a copy for review!

We start off Cult Classic: Creature Feature #1 with an older brother dropping his little brother off at his first sleepover, which also happens to be a boy/girl one (I haven’t ever heard of this before and I honestly think I would get in trouble if I had ever gone to one).

We soon learn that Sarah is the head of this slumber party and what she says goes, and she wants them to go into the forest. From there things get worse as the kids see something fall from the sky and follow it. Still not a good idea, and they find where it landed. Lo and behold they find a bunch of slug like things scattered, and one jumps into Sarah’s mouth and down her throat. 

As most of you are wondering, yes this does get worse for the kids. Next thing they know a giant monster pops up out of the slugs and starts killing the kids. Sarah nopes out of there fast, ignoring the others plea for help. Even though Sarah is away from immediate danger from the monster, the slug that crawled into her from before shows back up. It decided to shed her skin and go off with her skeleton, this is pretty much the grosses moment in the comic.

Meanwhile, the older brother of one of the kids dropped off at the slumber party (which it is unclear if the kid died already), is going to a drive thru and breaking up a fight. He even sees the same light in the sky that falls to Earth, but being a sensible person he just goes home. As we see him at home, he’s messaging his little brother at the sleepover making sure he is okay, as he was very nervous since it was his first one. It’s a little heartbreaking because I don’t think this older brother will ever get a response back, seeing as the kid is most likely dead or a walking skeleton.

This issue was a little gross and horror filled, I wish I knew a little more about what the monster and slug things were and where they came from. Dang, I guess I’m going to have to read more!

Cult Classic: Creature Feature #1 is now available in your local comic book stores.

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