DEBRIS episode 9 “Do You Know Icarus” review – Groundhog Day


This was my favorite episode of DEBRIS yet. After some mythology heavy episodes, this installment had the most entertaining debris of the week yet. Each week, Bryan and Finola are tasked with tracking down a new piece of alien wreckage that has landed on Earth. Each episode has come up with a creative new debris effect that sets the episode apart. This power this week led to an oft (or at least occasionally) used storytelling technique, which I call Groundhog’s Day, where the story re-examines the same events over and over, with slight changes to each retelling.

Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC

I’ve seen this used in a few shows (and the Bill Murray movie), but the DEBRIS take on it is one of the strongest examples I’ve seen. It strikes the perfect balance of mystery and humor. Unlike most episodes, it also appears that the debris mystery will extend to the next episode. The episode relies on the strong writing to deliver a great story even without the nifty special effects that have anchored a lot of debris effects.

Jonathan Tucker delivers a strong performance, as Bryan is the character with the most interesting arc this episode. We also get another tidbit about his past through the introduction of a new character.

Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC

If you like sci-fi shows with ongoing mythology, DEBRIS is worth a look. This episode is largely standalone, but be prepared to commit to another episode, as it appears that it won’t be resolved until the next episode. Even without closure, this is easily my favorite episode yet.

DEBRIS airs Mondays on NBC at 10pm Eastern and Pacific.

Check back soon for my thoughts on the tenth episode of the show, which is titled “I Am Icarus”.

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