HOME SICK PILOTS #1 review: Finding A Great Story I Didn’t Expect (Watters, Wijngaard, Bidikar, Muller) Image Comics

Review by GT3


Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

HOME SICK PILOTS is a fantastic ride. Initially it feels familiar, and maybe even a tired story, but as the story progresses and the characters develop it becomes obvious this isn’t a rehash of old stories. The setting is the 90’s, and the cast is a punk band named The Homesick Pilots. The writer (Dan Watters) even has a sense of humor with the lyrics of a competing band the Nuclear Bastards (NB) – “some derivative trash…”. 

Competition and tension between two bands is the pivotal point in the first issue, driving our Homesick Pilots to a point of making some extreme choices. Ami and her bandmates Buzz and Rip get into a fight with the NB, and she learns of a rumor that has been circulating about her past. The shock makes her go to investigate a supposed haunted house by herself. Ami enters the house alone and scared, but as she walks further, she finds something she didn’t expect. 

Her bandmates Buzz and Rip go looking for Ami the next day. They go to the haunted house to find the front door that the night before welcomed Ami, is now locked. They enter the house from a second story window, to be confronted by the NB again. This confrontation has a gruesome end. 

There is much foreshadowing of how the story will likely progress, but there are still many different paths the story could take. Ami develops and evolves throughout the story allowing the reader to really connect with her, and her struggles. The insights allow us to see more depth in her character and connect on a deeper level. Home Sick Pilots was a great read, but the story is far from finished, and the ending leaves you wanting more.

HOME SICK PILOTS #1 is set for release on December 9th.

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