OUTER DARKNESS #5 Review: Where’s a Flerken when you Need it?


Thanks to Image Comics for providing a review copy!


Outer Darkness continues to surprise and impress me. I just smile like a goof-ball through every conspiracy filled, blood drenched page. If you haven’t read up through issue #4 there may be spoilers ahead!

After setting an arch-fiend loose on the good ship Charon, Sato Shin continues to cause trouble for the captain and crew. Prior to that, there are a few pages of a flash-forward 125 years. It’s yet to be seen how that flash-forward will tie into the ongoing story, but I’m really curious to find out. There’s a tiny girl with pink hair, and a giant scary face eating alien so I am here for it.

Issue #5 of Outer Darkness is very plot heavy compared to the deep character dive of #4. I am not complaining by any means, I think it was nice for the pacing of this arc to move the crew forward into a new and horrible situation. I’m sure they’ll find some way to at least survive the ordeal, but right now things look grim! When your primary flight crew consists of demi-gods and exorcists I suppose that comes with the territory. I just keep hoping that the Oracle’s pet cat has some crazy magic powers…or at least a pocket dimension and some mouth tentacles hidden away. It would really help everyone out.

Can’t wait for #6!

This issue is now available at your local comic book shop as well as digitally online via comiXology, Kindle, Google Play, and Apple iBooks.

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