POSTAL: NIGHT SHIFT Review –Two Stories for the Price of One (Fleming, Lo Valvo, Valenza, Phillips, Elliot, Wright, Peteri) Image/Top Cow


‘Night Shift’


  • Cover Art: Issac Goodheart
  • Editor: Elena Salcedo
  • Book Design and Layout: Vincent Valentine

Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

POSTAL: NIGHT SHIFT tells two self contained stories, Night Shift and Molly. Night Shift features a grizzled sheriff in a dusty Wyoming town. When he covers a night shift so his deputy can have the night off, he gets sucked into a dangerous situation. The story has a throwback feel. No superheroes, nothing over the top, just solid straightforward storytelling. Molly reminded me a lot of the robbery scene in PULP FICTION. Molly is sitting at a diner when a guy busts in to rob the place. I really liked this story, even though it was agonizingly short.

Both tales tell self contained stories that hint a bigger things. The main characters are not one dimensional good guys and seem to have some darker pasts. Both parts of the issue leave a lot to the imagination, which is effective. It does not seem that the stories are related to each other, but I’d love to see future issues expand the world and tease out possible connections.

Of the two parts, I preferred the art in Molly. The fuzzy styled Night Shift art was effectively done, I just tend to prefer the crisp, clear lines used in Molly.   

While it hints at a bigger picture, both Molly and Night Shift are self contained stories that can be enjoyed with no prior knowledge. There is some violence (including an awesomely gory panel in Night Shift) and cursing, so some discretion is advised.  If you like hard boiled crime stories, POSTAL: NIGHT SHIFT is worth a look.

POSTAL: NIGHT SHIFT is now available.

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