SOLAR: Darren Shulman In Conversation with Jenny Curtis & Jonathan Bangs (May 2022)


In a landscape filled with podcasts where people talk about stuff, Solar stands out for its ambition. Solar is a sci-fi story told in serial podcast form that harkens back to the old days of radio storytelling (like War of the Worlds). Solar, a journey to the heart of the solar system and an exploration of the vastness of the human spirit, features some heavy hitter actors like Alan Cumming, Helen Hunt, and Stephanie Beatriz.  I was fortunate enough to interview Jenny Curtis, director, producer, and star of Solar and Jonathan Bangs, one of the stars of the story. We discussed the challenges and opportunities that come with telling a science fiction story in audio form and some fun stories from the production of Solar.

Thanks go out to Antonia Donato for arranging the interview, and Jenny and Jonathan for their time!


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