STRANGER THINGS: SIX #1 and #2 Review: Familiar Faces, Familiar Fears


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Synopsis: A teenage girl with precognitive abilities, has struggled through a lifetime of exploitation only to end up the pawn of a government agency that wants to harness her powers for its own ends. You’ve seen the show Stranger Things, but this is your first glimpse of the strangeness that happened before the series began! The first prequel comic series for Stranger Things.


The wait is over for season 3 of Stranger Things, and if you can’t get enough of Hawkins, look no further than Stranger Things: SIX . I didn’t know what to expect from this story, but as you can see from the synopsis, it is a prequel to the beloved Netflix show. Most of the narrative is focused on the early days of Hawkins Lab. Dr. Brenner makes several appearances, unsurprisingly, along with a few other familiar characters from the show.

6 is a completely new character. She is yet another Hawkins Lab acquisition with preternatural abilities. Issue #1 introduces 6, and the ways she was manipulated by her family. Issue #2 digs more into how she dealt with the trouble at home, and Dr. Brenner’s plans for her future.

Unsurprisingly, there are several moments that elicited an audible gasp from me. There are a few scary panels that mirrored some of the more terrifying moments of the show. I’m so curious to see where the story will go from here and how those terrifying elements will come into play.

The artistry in the book is incredibly evokative of the TV show. Familiar characters are immediately recognizable without needing to be introduced. Facial features & body language telegraph a ton of emotion through the page.

Stranger Things: SIX has a lot of elements that long time fans will love. Not only are the setting and some characters the same, but there are hints about just about far the larger story around Hawkins Lab and The Upside Down may extend. It seems as though this comic book series may even drop some hints for the future of the show. I definitely plan to keep reading so I can pick up on any related content dropped in Season 3.

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Issues 1 and 2 of Stranger Things: SIX are now available.



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