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Curated by Dan Berry, this is the home for the latest news in pop culture – comics, film, television, games, cosplay, trailers, reviews, interviews and special features… anything that attracts Dan’s roving eye, lands here.

Dark Horse – News week (January 28th, 2019)

In our weekly recap of news from Dark Horse, we bring you details on the final installment in Dark Horse’s American Gods saga, as...

MONSTERLAND Episode 1 “Port Fourchon, LA” review – Misery Loves Company

MONSTERLAND is an 8 episode anthology horror series airing on Hulu.  Episode 1, Port Fourchon, LA is a suitably creepy introduction to the series...

Sandbox Spotlight: CHRIS OZ FULTON, Comic Artist

The Convention Collective: How did you get into art/why did you want to become an artist?  Chris Oz Fulton: I've drawn my whole life. My...

POSTAL: NIGHT SHIFT Review –Two Stories for the Price of One (Fleming, Lo Valvo,...

'Night Shift' Writer and Letterer: Levi FlemingArtist: Cecelia Lo ValvoColorist: Bryan Valenza 'Molly' Writer: Stephanie PhillipsArtist: Jesse ElliotColorist: Ellie WrightLetterer: Troy Peteri Cover Art: Issac GoodheartEditor: Elena SalcedoBook Design and...

DC’S STARGIRL S2 E6 ‘Summer School: Chapter Six’ review – Smackdown Payoff

Long TV story arcs are great … if they eventually pay off. Stargirl’s “Summer School” has spent the season collecting the children of last year’s...

Preview of Valiant’s THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN series

In November Valiant announced THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN series from writer Tini Howard with art from Amilcar Pinna, and today we got a preview of some of the artwork and lettering from...

THE SIGNIFIER: Get Lost in Thought for a Living!

Game Developer: Playmestudio Game Publisher: Raw FuryGenre: Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, First-person, Narrative, Walking Simulator, Psychological SuspenseWebsite: Thanks for Raw Fury for providing a key...

SECOND EXTINCTION video game review – Co-op shooter game…with mutated dinosaurs

Screw Jurassic Park! This game has taken me back to my Turok N64 days, granted the graphics for Second Extinction are significantly better. I...

HOLLOWED #1 review – A Series of Murders (Bowker, Johnson, DFAT Comics)

Written by Casey Bowker Art by Darius Q Johnson Thanks to DFAT Comics for the review copy! Finally getting time during all this lockdown business to...

NOTTINGHAM #4 – The Archery Contest (Hazan, Volk, Romano, Gil) Mad Cave Studios

Writer: David HazanArtist: Shane Connery VolkColorist: Luca RomanoLetterer: Joamette GilEditors: Chris Fernandez and Brian HawkinsDesigner: Diane Bermudez Thanks to Mad Cave Studios for the review copy! NOTTINGHAM continues...