RSVLTS announce San Diego Comic-Con 2023 exclusives and unofficial meetup location


Last year at San Diego Comic-Con apparel maker RSVLTS (pronounced as Roosevelts) made their SDCC debut with a booth in the Lucasfilm Pavilion, and the line for their exclusives was usually quite a bit. This year they are returning to the Lucasfilm Pavilion…and on top of that they get their own booth elsewhere with even more exclusives!

List of exclusive products by booth:

  • RSVLTS General Booth #2044
    • City Floral – Thursday 7/20 exclusive
    • Barreled Batman – Friday 7/21 exclusive (includes women’s style)
    • Tropical Mickey – Saturday 7/22 exclusive (includes women’s style)
    • Showa Era – Sunday 7/23 exclusive
  • RSVLTS Star Wars/Lucasfilm Pavilion Booth #2913-L
    • Dagobah Drip – Thursday 7/20 exclusive
    • Mythosaur – Friday 7/21 exclusive (roper style) 
    • Figure It Out – Saturday 7/22 exclusive (includes women’s style)
    • Party’s Over – Sunday 7/23 exclusive

In addition to the exclusives, they are having an unofficial meetup at the Mosh Eisley event at the Music Box on Friday night. Some tickets for the event are still available, but they are going quick it seems.

Are you going pick up any of their shirts? Feel free to leave a comment below or chat with us on Twitter at @TheConCollectve!

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