SDCC 2019: Conan O’Brien makes official ConanCon SDCC announcement


Today, Conan O’Brien made it official that he’s returning to Comic-Con for the fifth year in a row (even though the marquee with his name and the dates of the show has been on the Spreckels Theater for a while).

His announcement came via the official social media Team Coco account which you can see below.

As of right now the tapings are scheduled for Wednesday 7/17, Thursday 7/18, Friday 7/19 and Saturday 7/20 in the afternoon (but that may change…)

Keep an eye on the official Conan social media accounts on both Twitter and Instagram for more details (including more Funko Pop! figures, celebrity guests, and more) as they become available.

TeamCoco Twitter

TeamCoco Instagram

ConanCon Instagram


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