TRANSFORMERS GALAXIES #2 review – Insecticons Rising – very mild spoilers (Bleszinski, Ramondelli, Long, IDW Publishing)

Review by Darren Shulman


Tyler Bleszinski (Author), Livio Ramondelli (Artist, Cover Artist), Tom B. Long (Letterer),  Alex Milne (Variant Cover Artist)

Thanks to IDW Publishing for the review copy!

As the subtitle indicates, this series chronicles the origins of the Constructions.  In issue 1, flashbacks shows us how the Constructicons discovered the Enigma of Combination and first merged into Devastator.  In the present, the Constructicons were building a structure on an Energy Processing Planetoid and pining for Cybertron. At the end of the issue, it was revealed that Bombshell was observing them for some undisclosed purpose.

This issue starts off with the Constructicons preparing for the future now that they have completed the project they were building in issue 1.  Meanwhile, we are introduced to more Insecticons, who are also on the planetoid along with a cameo from another classic character. While the series is ostensibly about the Constructicons, this issue’s flashback centers on the origins of the Insecticons. While it does little to move forward the development of the Constructicons (aside from laying the groundwork for some sort of drug addiction allegory), this installment does address a longstanding question of mine – what is the deal with the Insecticons?  Turns out, they are even creepier than you thought. I had a little bit more difficulty telling the Constructicons apart, which is always going to be a challenge because they are all green, but this issue did a better job of placing the ‘present’ in a timeframe before the big Autobot/Decepticon War we are all familiar with.

While this issue was not as strong as the first, it dropped enough breadcrumbs about the overall plan working behind the scenes to make me look forward to the Issue 3.

Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the third issue of this series!

TRANSFORMERS GALAXIES #2 is now available.

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