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These are the review posts, curated by Dan Berry for the Sandbox area of the site.

Ms. Marvel S1 E6 ‘No Normal’ review – Superheroes need babysitters too

Alright guys! Here we are the final episode of the Ms. Marvel season one (which also might just be a stand alone season, we...

Ms. Marvel S1 E5 ‘Time and Again’ review – Caught Crystal handed?

It feels like it’s been forever since the last episode of Ms. Marvel, but in reality it’s only been a week. Well worth the...

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER review – are you not entertained? (you will be)

Director: Taika WaititiStarring: Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Taika Waititi, Russell Crowe, and Natalie PortmanMovie Length: 2 hours 5 minutes ...

EIGHT BILLION GENIES #2 review – Rules of the Game (Soule, Browne, Crank, Knipstein,...

Writer: Charles SouleArtist, Colorist, Designer: Ryan BrowneLetterer: Chris CrankColor Assists: Kevin KnipsteinProduction Design: Erika Schnatz Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy! Eight Billion Genies looks at...

PUBLIC DOMAIN #1 review – Red Carpet Blues (Zdarsky, O’Toole) – Image Comics

Writer and Artist: Chip ZdarskyEditor: Allison O'Toole Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy! Public Domain is a fictionalized story that examines the all too common...

ARTIST ELITE PRESENTS Vol. 1 #1 review – Three for One

'Lost Serpent Prince'Writer/Artist: Brett BoothInker: Sal ReglaColorist: Andrew DalhouseLetterer: ZenEditor and Logo Designer: Jess Ruffner 'Final Boss'Writer and Artist: Tyler KirkhamArt Assist: David MillerColorist: Ifansyah NoorLetterer:...

THE BLACK PHONE review – Coming soon for your nightmares

Director: Scott DerricksonStarring: Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, James Ransone, and Ethan HawkeMovie Length: 1 hours 43 minutes Coming soon for your...

THE GARCIAS Season 1 review, and interview with Executive Producer/Showrunner Jeff Valdez

Title: The Garcias Creator: Jeff Valdez Streaming: HBO Max About: The saga of The Brothers Garcia continues in HBO’s newest update aptly named The Garcias. It...

Ms. Marvel S1 E3 ‘Destined’ review – I see they chose violence

We are in for it this week, and all I want is more. I still have no clue how this show can get me...

NOTTINGHAM #8 review – Treachery (Hazan, Volk, Romano, Birch) Mad Cave Studios

Writer: David HazanArtist: Shane Connery VolkColorist: Luca RomanoLetterer: Justin BirchEditor: Brian HawkinsBook Designer: Diane Bermudez Thanks to Mad Cave Studios for the review copy! Nottingham is a fresh...