Kochira Amiko (こちらあみ子) Movie Review – A Quirky Girl Dealing with Grief


Director: Yusuke Morii
Starring: Osawa Kana and Machiko Ono
Movie Length: 1 hour 44 minutes

What’s it about: Amiko isn’t like her parents, brother or classmates. The only one who seems to understand her are her imaginary friends. Through the lens of Amiko, we discover that the family has suffered a tragedy; her pregnant mother lost a child. Everybody shows signs of grief with the exception of Amiko who has her own way of dealing with the news.

What Vanessa thought: Amiko’s lacks of maturity and social awareness of what is happening around her reminds us our innocence and unaware of life’s complexities. How lost were we as a child. Her unique way of coping has deeply affected her loved one. As Amiko tries to bring them closer, it appears to have the opposite effect. We see clashes between her world and reality.

The refreshing film has excellent performances by the cast members. The movie is heartwarming and genuine. The cinematography captures the mood of each scene brilliantly.

Vanessa’s grade: B+. A gem of a movie that would delight many moviegoers.

Kochira Amiko was reviewed out of the JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film at the Japan Society.

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