THE EIGHTH IMMORTAL #1 review – One of a Kind (Murray, Barnes, LetterSquids, Turrill) Source Point Press


Thanks to Melissa Meszaros/Don’t Hide PR for the review copy!

THE EIGHTH IMMORTAL is a new series that is distinctive in both its plot and art style. The plot revolves around seven immortals, who apparently strive to keep it that way to prevent the difficulties the emergence of an eighth would cause. The immortals are shown as they have been depicted in many ‘gods among us’ stories, in various stages of decadence and boredom. While we don’t know much about them yet, there are some backstory hints that promise reveals in future issues. What makes the writing standout in this issue is the human characters. The dialogue feels authentic, which makes the story twists land a bit more effectively.  

The art is another strongpoint in this issue. The style reminds me of Japanese manga. What makes it stand out is its use of color. The book is mostly in black and white, with some pops of color that are used to great effect. The coloring enhances the story and draws your eye to the important details.

THE EIGHTH IMMORTAL features cursing and nudity and a teeny bit of blood, so parental discretion is advised. While it treads on some familiar ground, the story is not predictable, and there are plenty of new ideas to bring to the ‘immortals living among regular folks’ genre. The first issue introduces us to the mythology underlying the story, the main characters, and the overarching plotline (The title is a pretty decent hint about the conflict in the story). If you like the story, it ends on a cliffhanger that will make you want to read issue 2. 

THE EIGHTH IMMORTAL #1 is now available.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on the 2nd issue of this series.

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