Transformers # 15 review – Megatron Takes Center Stage (Ruckley, Malkova, McGuire-Smith, Lafuente, Burcham, Perez, Wood, IDW Publishing)

Review by Darren Shulman


Brian Ruckley (Author) Anna Malkova (Artist) Beth McGuire-Smith (Artist) Joana Lafuente (Colorist) Josh Burcham (Cover Artist, Colorist) Josh Perez (Cover Artist) Jake M. Wood (Letterer)

Thanks to IDW Publishing for the review copy!

This issue is part three of “The Change in Your Nature” so obviously a reader accepts some risks if they start a line mid-arc.  However, in this case, the “story so far” page is a slight improvement on the ones included in the prior issues, and the rest of the issue does a better job filling in the gaps left out in the introduction page. In fact, this issue answers a lot of the hanging questions I have had since Issue 13 by placing all of the characters and events  talked about so far into context.  I finally feel like I understand what is happening.

Moving to the issue itself, Megatron has floated around the periphery of the arc, appearing in a few panels and making it clear he is the mastermind behind the events in the series.  Issue 15 moves him to the forefront.  While Megatron is usually depicted as a one-dimensional sociopath who only wants to take over the universe, this issue gives him a compelling backstory and philosophy.  The coloring of the backstory pages uses a purple tinge that fits thematically with a Megatron flashback.  In the present, rather than tease mysteries and behind the scenes maneuvering, this issue has Megatron taking action, which is a welcome change of pace.

Optimus Prime, er’ Orion Pax, has more to do this issue (and it’s always fun to see him and Bumblebee interact) and there are some neat cameos by some characters from the cartoon (Warpatch and Blitzwing).  

Issue 15 is the strongest and most digestible issue in the arc so far.  While I hesitate to recommend starting with the third part in a storyline, I think this is as good an entry point as possible.

Transformers # 15 is now available.

Check back tomorrow for the review of the next issue in this story arc, Transformers #16.

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