TRANSFORMERS GALAXIES #3 REVIEW – It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time – very mild spoilers (Bleszinski, Ramondelli, Long, IDW Publishing)

Review by Darren Shulman


Tyler Bleszinski (Author), Livio Ramondelli (Artist, Cover Artist), Tom B. Long (Letterer),  Winston Chan  (Variant Cover Artist)

Thanks to IDW Publishing for the review copy!

This series chronicles the rise of everyone’s favorite Decepticon combiners, the Constructicons. In the first two issues, we are introduced to the friendly Constructicons, who just want to rebuild broken cities and the not so friendly Insecticons, led by Bombshell, who has different plans for them.

Issue 3 returns to the “Post War Against the Threefold Spark’ era flashback and runs it out to the present by explaining how the Constructicons got to the planetoid they are on in the present.

Returning to the flashback means we get more Wheeljack, which is always welcome in my opinion and Termagax, who I wasn’t familiar with until this series. The action opens as the combined Constructicons are learning to work together (literally) to repair Iacon. The development of the Construction characters continues, but this issue also focuses on Wheeljack and Termagax, who have very differing views on the use of the ‘enigma’ that facilitates combination. Perhaps because this issue returns to he brighter lighting the series has used to designate flashbacks, it is much easier to tell the different characters apart.

This issue fills in some key details explaining how the Constructicons arrived in their present circumstances.  The issue is stronger than issue two because it focuses more on giving personalities to the Constructicons. Now we can turn our attention to what Bombshell has in store for these characters.

Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on the fourth issue of this series, and check out my reviews of the first and second issue here!

TRANSFORMERS GALAXIES #3 is now available.

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