TED LASSO S2 E6 ‘The Signal’ Review


Football fans in England may have a while to wait until The FA kicks off, but as always, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso is here to satisfy your footballing needs.

Episode 6 is uncommon whereby playing football takes centre stage. Where the show usually focuses on the exploits away from the match, Episode 6 has the most amount of football in it compared to any other episode released so far.  

Although not strictly a footballing show, it is nice to see an episode devoted to the game. Episode 6 sees Richmond FC play Tottenham Hotspurs FC in the final stages of the FA Cup. The episode does an effective job at tapping into sporting drama to build suspect and excitement. It’s also nice to see newly appointed Coach Roy Kent – played by Brett Goldstein – and Nick Mohammed’s Nate Shelly take their plaudits for bringing some success to the team.

Episode 6 is also somewhat significant in that we finally find out who club boss, played by Hannah Waddingham, has been romantically texting all season. The show may not require any more plaudits, but praise is warranted for not going down the obvious route with this storyline.

Fans of Ted Lasso will be left in a somewhat of a cliffhanger as the pressures become too much for our favourite American coach. This is an important storyline that shows that even the most positive person can suffer from poor mental health. As always, Jason Sudeikis plays this role perfectly, but the show could devote more attention to this storyline. There are possible signs that the show is struggling to balance all storylines at the same time.

We’re not into the second half of season 2 of the show and the series continues to show no sign of tiredness. Episode 6 is another strong outing that leaves the fans wanting more.

A new episode of Ted Lasso is released on Apple TV+ every Friday. 

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