Source Point Press’ CULT OF DRACULA #2 exclusive Izzy’s Comics’ cover revealed, comic set for movie adaptation


Set for release on December 27th, 2020 is CULT OF DRACULA #2 from Source Point Press.

The title started out at Second Sight Studios with issue # where its first print sold out. The second print of the first issue had sold around 10,000 copies into the 2nd print when the creator, Richard Davis (who also owns Nirvana Comics in Knoxville Tennessee sold the title Source Point Press. On a side note, Richard recently lost his wife due to complications from a kidney transplant, and started a GoFundMe to help with funeral and medical costs.

Izzy’s Comics had plans for a store exclusive with up and coming artist David Sanchez for issue #2 (which was going to be the first appearance of the main three vampire females in the series) with Second Sight Studios. David managed to knock out art quickly but the issue was delayed until now, and will be released under the Source Point label. Source Point will release re-mastered versions of the first 2 issues, and then start regular releases with number 3. The title will feature another up and coming artist, Shannon Maer, for the B covers of the title.

Now that the title is finally set for release, the Izzy’s Comics‘ exclusive will be released in 2 different versions. A trade dress that is limited to 250 print run and will retail for $10. There is also a virgin (no trade dress, print run of 150) version which is only available as a set with the trade dress for $25. Of course since the book hasn’t been release yet, there will be signed and/or graded versions.

Oh, and for those still reading, the title was picked up for movie development by Sure Pictures.

My store exclusive is a low print run. There are 250 trade dress, and only 150 of the virgin cover. The trade dress is $10, the virgin is only available in sets and is $25. Since we are still in pre-sale stage there are signing, remarks, and grading options available until the book is released, which right now is scheduled for 12/27/2020.


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