Writing can be torturous, and it shows in Shudder’s new movie SCARE ME

Review by Richard Hill


DirectorJosh Ruben
Written By: 
Josh Ruben
Starring: Aya Cash, Josh Ruben, Rebecca Drysdale, and Chris Redd
Movie Length: 1 hour 44 minutes

I absolutely loved this film. I happened to catch a preview for it online and thought I would give it a watch. It isn’t often that you can do something new and intriguing in the horror world anymore, however this film managed to pull it off and only using five actors throughout the entire thing. The film opens with a man named Fred played by Josh Ruben, who also happens to be the Writer and Director of the film; using a ride share to get to a cabin in the middle of nowhere that he has rented for the weekend. The driver is very talkative with Fred allowing us to get to know his character more, we find out that he has recently separated and has decided to pursue his writing career. After finally arriving at the cabin he goes for a jog and meets Fanny played by Aya Cash (THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, YOU’RE THE WORST, THE BOYS) as it turns out she is an already famous horror novelist on a writing retreat at her own cabin. The two don’t hit it off very well, but as the film progresses, we find Fred working on his writing in the cabin when the power suddenly goes out and behold Fanny just happens to show up at his door. 

Fanny convinces him to hang out with her in his cabin and tell each other scary stories in the dark, he figures he has nothing better to do given their situation so he agrees. Really clever writing and story telling is used as the two tell one another stories that seem to come to life for us as the viewer, don’t be misled though there is more to this film than meets the eyes. Once we get through a couple of their stories and a few drinks they decide to order pizza, this is where we get our third character Carlo played by the hilarious Chris Redd (DISJOINTED). He walks right into the house at a very tense moment scaring the hell out of the other two. Not sure how he gets away with it but Carlo is asked to stay and tell stories with them so he does. The stories get more interesting as this film digs deeper into these characters and what they are about. I don’t want to SPOIL anything else;

I give this a 9 out of 10, it was good fun and as far as psychological thriller goes it will throw you for a loop when you watch it. I absolutely recommend a watch of this film if you are looking for something different and with a beautiful twist. You can find it on the streaming service on Shudder currently. 

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