NUCLEAR POWER #1 review – Chain Reaction (Proctor, Harrell, Yoshii) Fanbase Press


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There’s an entire genre devoted to alternative history, usually centered around World War II. It’s a great way to tease out what might have happened if a few things turned out just a little differently. NUCLEAR POWER takes that genre and applies it to the perfect ‘change one thing’ scenario – the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the NUCLEAR POWER version of history, rather than narrowly avoiding nuclear war, the crisis escalated.

After setting the stage, the issue fills in what society today might look like in this alternate reality. Predictably, it doesn’t look pretty. Well, the world doesn’t look pretty, but from an art perspective, NUCLEAR POWER actually does. The issue has a classic style that reminds me of vintage propaganda posters. The coloring is black and white … and red, which lends it a classic retro look. The lines and lettering are in clear, thick lines, making the images and text pop off the page. The grounded art style also accentuates some of the more fantastic elements of the book.

Thus far, NUCLEAR POWER uses its alternative history as a premise to set up the story’s current situation. It is fun to see how one small change in events can pose a huge impact on the future (also known as the Butterfly Effect). It will be interesting to see whether the book continues to mine its version of history. Even if it chooses to focus only on its version of the present, the groundwork has been laid for a great story.

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NUCLEAR POWER #1 is now available for 99 cents(!!) on comiXology and the entire 6 issue series is available as a trade paperback for pre-order now.

Check back soon for my thoughts on the 2nd issue of the series.

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