Talkin’ Con: A Cup O’ Tea with An Englishman In San Diego s06e27 (28th April 2019)


“…and what if we fail?” “Then we’ll do that together, too.”


Oh boy. This is merely an AVENGERS: ENDGAME world – we’re just living in it. Breaking box office records and causing emotional breakdowns across the globe, this latest entry into the pantheon of epic Marvel Cinematic Universe films closes down just over ten years of incredible filmmaking… and it could be argued that the MCU’s spiritual home is Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, with director Jon Favreau and Marvel Studios Head Honcho Kevin Feige bringing the first footage of IRON MAN to the con back in 2007 and kickstarting an incredible adventure. The Marvel Studios behemoth has grown and grown, and SDCC has grown with it, with bigger and bolder presentations heralding the next steps in the larger universe.

But now ENDGAME draws a definitive line in the sand for the first three Phases of the MCU, what could the fallout of the film mean for SDCC and, indeed, San Diego Comic-Con 2019? We get the old gang together – Leonard Sultana, Mark Searby and Friends Of Comic Con Forum‘s Alyssa Franks to talk about what attendees could expect at this year’s show if anything at all. We’ll get into a little guide into what entering Hall H entails at the modern SDCC and how Marvel Studios has played a massive role in the hurdles it now takes to get into the Hallowed Hall.

We’ll keep that section relatively spoiler-free and also touch on our impressions of the film, now that we’ve seen the culmination of the Russo Brothers hard work but then, for the last half of the show, Leonard, Mark and Alyssa will dive deep into spoiler territory as we discuss the big plot points of the movie and call on those that have seen the film to talk out their highlights and emotional gut-punches of this incredibly spectacular event.

That, and a preview of Portsmouth Comic Con next weekend, a check-in with Wales Comic Con taking place this weekend, an investigation into the announcement of Stephen Amell attending MCM London Comic Con in May (on the same dates when HVFF will be held in the Olympia in London!)… Plenty of stuff to discuss as we catch up on the car-crash that was last weeks show!! Join us live!!

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Our Guests, this week:

  • Mark Searby
  • Alyssa Franks, Friends Of Comic Con Forum
  • …more amazing guests, to be announced!

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