Getting ready for con: Sakura-Con edition part three


Alright con goers, this is it. We are officially counting down in hours instead of days since we are so close to the start of Sakura-con.

With this last installment for getting ready for con, Sakura-Con edition. I just have a few more things to impart on you all to help you all have a safe, happy and healthy time at con.


– make sure you have a good medium sized bag to carry for snacks, water, goodies from con, and anything else you could need (charger perhaps?).

– do a checklist for every night before the next day of con, of what you want to bring to con the next day and what you want to do/and or get

– have your transportation all figured out

– review safety and health guidelines for the con

– read where you can pick up your badge

– download the guide book app for the can so you don’t miss any panels or signings (and maybe find some new ones to check out too!)

My last words of wisdom and good luck are, if you’re doing cosplay (as a majority do for Sakura-con), it’s ok if your cosplay isn’t perfect or done. You don’t have to kill yourself trying to finish and you can always find an alternative to make it work or do a casual cosplay too. Lastly, everyone please get a good night’s sleep. That way you can enjoy the con fully and not be exhausted on your feet all day. 

I wish everyone a great con and can’t wait to go myself!


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