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How many days till Sakura-Con?!!!

It honestly feels like I have time traveled, because there is no way that we are just over a week until Sakura-Con 2023. Even as I’m writing this, and trying very hard not to freak out, I’m excited. Though I am in that weird balance between not feeling ready for a con and can’t wait for it to be here already. I really really need to be away at con again, and out of the reality of being stuck in endless work.

Though things have been slowly trickling in for Sakura-Con… We just got the full schedule for the weekend, and I have once again made a huge list of ones I must see and attend. I’m also super happy my friends and I were able to snag a hotel many months ago, so we don’t have to travel back and forth. I am over the moon to see more concerts, Queen Bee and Flow will be performing. One on Friday and the other on Saturday, then there is the fashion show by MINT NEKO. The fashion shows at Sakura-Con are always a blast to check out all the clothes (and maybe buy some…). I also just heard that at the YenPress booth next weekend… will be having the author of The Beginning After The End, TurtleMe there all weekend! 

I have also been picking panels that seem downright fun! There are lots of cosplay ones, and I have to say the names for these panels are great. The one that keeps catching my eye is “Posing 101: from OH NO to PRO”, I have to get to this one no matter what! I’ve also noticed a lot more networking ones for social media, which seem like a good choice to peek in on. Lastly, I noticed there will be tournaments all weekend for Magic the Gathering, A.K.A my new hobby. Although I’m not really good at it yet, I still have so much fun playing with others.

Cosplay on the other hand for this upcoming con…has not been so great… For the first time I feel very unprepared and am scrambling to have things ready (with so many backup cosplays). So far, I have my newish cosplay. I debuted at Emerald City Comic con, Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen, which I’ll be doing with a group (and have worked out the bugs). I also have a new one I have been working hard at work on, Miriko from My Hero Academia with a surprise twist (it’s a secret for now). My last one is well, I have four ideas so far I could go with, I have my classic Luffy from One Piece. Or I could change an aspect or two of it and make it a different Luffy cosplay (from the Dressrosa arc, since I’m currently watching it). I also bought two other One Piece cosplays that are simple and fun, Nico Robin (her time skip outfit and her wano arc outfit). Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a con weekend if I didn’t at least do cosplay from One Piece (as it’s my go to now!).

This has honestly made me feel awful to be doing everything last minute, which I very much dislike. Sadly, I could not avoid this if my life depended on it because of the shortness of time between two cons, and my lack of space to make cosplay at the moment. I’m hopeful though, and can’t wait for the One Piece photo meet up on Saturday at con (it will be my first one!). But, I am over the moon to be counting down the days, hours and minutes till I get to be in con once again! I hope to see some familiar faces and make lots new friends!

Are you going to be at Sakura-Con? Feel free to leave a comment below or chat with us on Twitter at @TheConCollectve!

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Ali Raphael
Ali Raphael
Ali is a professional workaholic but likes to add more to her plate by reviewing comics/books/ tv shows/movies and anime. In every other waking moment, she breathes books, manga and anything Marvel. Every day she wishes she was a Part-Time Avenger, instead of a full-time Target employee.

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