mcmLDN18: The Top Five Comic Village Panels You Can See at MCM London Comic Con

It's safe to say that MCM and ReedPOP are significantly ramping up the content and guest list when it comes to comics talent, showcased at next weekend's MCM London Comic Con, taking over the ExCel Centre in the city's Docklands (Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October 2018).


The cream of the world’s comics talent are heading over to our shores and meeting-and-greeting with fans… but that’s not all they’re doing. In a shift-up to the more North American model of comic convention with plenty of featured content available, the majority of the talent pool is also going to be appearing on the dedicated Comic Village Stage, on an exciting and varied collection of presentations, live drawing demos and spotlight panels throughout the entire weekend.

Over the course of the weekend, the full schedules for each of the panel rooms are going to be unveiled by MCM/ReedPOP – from the Main Stage and Creator Stage, adjacent to the Comic Village Stage, to the Live Stage nestled on the show floor and the Main Arena, all the way down the other end of the ExCel, like the grand diva it is.

However, we’ve been given a sneak peek into what the Comic Village Stage has to offer and here, for your delight and delectation, we present our ‘Top Five Comic Village Panels You Can See At MCM London Comic Con’, next weekend!

(A quick note: we are NOT including the mammoth DC COMICS presents A CELEBRATION OF THE DARK KNIGHT panel in this list – firstly, it’s being held on the Main Stage like a boss (Sunday 28th October, 10.45am-11.45am), and that location mostly down to who they’re including on that panel, the second reason: that thing features Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, Tim Sale, Klaus Janson, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Romita Jr. and Frank Quitely, for heavens sake!! That’s a panel that deserves a countdown list all on its own!!)

So, in no particular order:

  • 1. X-MEN: THROUGH THE AGES (Friday 26th October, 4pm-4.45pm)

This promises to be an incredible discussion on comics biggest soap opera, featuring some of the titles most legendary creative forces – you could say there really isn’t a standout participant when it’s a panel which has John Romita Jr., Frank Quitely and Mark Brooks on it, all of which have made their significant marks on the X-MEN. But when you also have the one and only Chris Claremont on there, a bloke who arguably did more for the franchise than any other comics writer alive, this is going to be quite the panel. Expect plenty of behind-the-scenes gossip and digging up of comics lore over the course of forty-five minutes.

  • 2. TITAN COMICS presents DOCTOR WHO COMICS: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE (Sunday 28th October, 3.15pm-4pm)

Titan has done more to keep the DOCTOR WHO franchise rolling on beyond the lifespan of the series, with the essential DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE being the must-read for any Whovian. But that’s not all they’ve done: Titan has also brought together some of the best talent in comics to send Doctors from across the time stream into adventures that shatter every dimension and thrill every generation. 

Moderator Chris Thompson brings some of these talents to the stage to talk about what it takes to get inside the mind of our favourite Timelord – and his companions – and discuss what could be next for DOCTOR WHO in comics, especially with The Thirteenth Doctor currently making her mark on screens world wide. Join Chris and creatives Andrew James, Jonathan Stevenson, Emma Vieceli, Sarah Graley, Jessica Martin and James Peaty on this interstellar panel.

  • TESS FOWLER LIVE DRAW (Saturday 27th October, 6.15pm-7pm)

This is going to be an absolute highlight of the weekend for me: not only is it in the company of a good friend of mine, the absolutely amazing artist Tess Fowler (RAT QUEENS, KID LOBOTOMY), but it is also going to be an awesome demonstration of talent, right there before you every eyes.

Live on stage, Tess will start and finish a brand new piece of art, demonstrating the skills and talent it takes to be a professional comics creator, answering questions from the audience about technique and how to get on in the industry, along with talking with myself about past titles and upcoming projects – including her freshly announced DUNGEONS & DRAGONS-themed book, coming soon. This is a not-to-be-missed panel!

  • VALIANT 101 AND BEYOND (Friday 26th October, 5.45pm-6.30pm)

I’m a little pissed off that I’m not hosting this one, to be perfectly honest, because it features another good friend of mine, the most excellent Alex Paknadel, the fruitful mind behind such great books as ARCADIA, TURNCOAT and the brand new and bloody excellent FRIENDO, published by Image Comics.

Here, Alex joins fellow Valiant creative, artist Doug Braithwaite, to talk about their work for the comics house regularly touted as the ‘World’s Premier Publisher Of Superhero Comics’ – a bold boast, indeed. But one they can confidently stand behind: with past hits like HARBINGER and SECRET WEAPONS to current bestsellers like X-O MANOWAR and NINJA-K, and brand-new upcoming titles featuring characters like Faith, Bloodshot and Livewire and many more, they really are on the cutting edge. And there’s films coming out based on these titles so, if you’re not familiar with Valiant now, best attend this panel to discover your new favourite caped heroes.

  • WHITE NOISE STUDIOS presents TURNING IDEAS INTO COMICS (Friday 26th October, 1pm-1.45pm)

Alex is back again on another stellar panel, this time one that you won’t want to miss if you’re interested in becoming a superstar comics creator yourself.

Listen as a top-notch line-up of comics writers and artists talk about their processes, their methods of developing concepts into story, and what they have learned during their time as comics pros, writing and drawing for the biggest publishers on the planet. Join Ram V, Ryan O’Sullivan, Dan Watters, that man Alex Paknadel and Caspar Wijngaard on this amazing panel – essential for those wanting to take the next step.

And there you have it – an ace collection of varied panels that will keep you entertained throughout the entire weekend. There’s also a lot more to be seen and heard on the Comic Village Stage so keep glued to the MCM Comic Con App, available for iOS and Android, for all the latest updates and notifications.


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