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Review / Gallery: Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, Washington, December 2-5, 2021) – It’s good to be back in Seattle

TCC Senior Editor Dan Berry is getting nicely back into the swing of attending comic conventions again – and isn’t it handy that there just so happened to be the return of one of his favorites, recently? Here, Dan talks about his travels to take in the sights, the sounds, and more of Seattle and Emerald City Comic Con

Since 2016 (with the exception of 2020 since the show didn’t take place), ECCC is one of my favorite destination conventions, and 2021 was no exception. The con itself felt smaller, which was understandable due to COVID restrictions, but I still enjoyed every minute of the biggest show in the Pacific Northwest.

A majority of the time I spent at ECCC was on the exhibit floor taking in as much as I could, but I did manage to take in a few panels including the Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman spotlight, and the always fun Twisted Toonz panel.

As I do at most cons I attend, I did pick up a few sketches. The artists at this show that I got some work from include Tess Stone, Tony Parker(two times), Fabrice Sapolsky, Jesse Hernandez, Ryan Kincaid, Anna Zhuo, Kristen Gudsnuk, Chris Ehnot, Tula Lotay, and Val Hochberg.

Check out some of the pictures I took at the show below.


I’m already planning my next trip to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con 2022, which will take place from August 18-21 at the Washington State Convention Center. Tickets are now sale for the event.

Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Dan Berry is a man of mystery, an enigma that flits from convention to convention like a spectre, like a spirit. His interests range far and wide: he cannot be determined, he cannot be defined, he cannot be contained. He's like the wind. He also is a Sagittarius and enjoys a nice Italian.

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