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Trying to get over Rose City Comic Con 2022

It’s been roughly about a month since Rose City Comic Con 2022, and it’s hard to gather my thoughts since then. As you can tell by this very late write-up, it’s only been so hard because I miss it. Portland is one of my favorite places to be. There’s great friends who live there, such good places to eat (I’m dreaming about the food constantly), and don’t even get me started on the bookstores. 

I do have to say though, this was probably the best time I’ve ever had at Rose City Comic Con. I felt like I was able to do so much more and take a breath without being overwhelmed. As you can already tell, I took it easy on myself at this con, no rushing (unless it was to help friends with their panels), no going crazy with buying everything I liked (Emerald City got me good already). I also really got to enjoy the cosplay community in more depth, and have more fun moments with friends at con. Although it did help that karaoke was right outside the beer garden and cosplay central area, that was the gang I was hanging out with at home base (I didn’t really drink, but it was still funny as hell watching everyone). 

Rose City also has a lot to appreciate that’s different from other cons, which is their layout. I loved that the exhibitor hall and artist alley were in the same big area, no going up and down floors to get to either. They also had good cell service, which is a first for me at cons, and the bathrooms were so nice (I know this is a weird thing to say, but it matters!). They also had some really cool vendors I’ve never seen before, like an escape room (it was see-through and people start off in a chair), trying out archery, rock climbing (for the little ones), and a whole area for the younger kids to play and have activities to do too!

The con also did a lot of off convention property activities and fun events, like drink and draw (which was very cool and I wish I knew about it before) and a couple of others. At one point they even had some of their special guests taking over the mic at the con and having fun with it. The biggest thing I was looking forward to, other than hanging out with friends, taking it easy and having fun cosplay, was one panel in particular. ChefPK. The YouTube sensation, who cooks up some of the best foods from favorite and hot anime. I have absolutely no skill in the kitchen but really want to learn, because you know, I don’t want to go hungry or broke. ChefPK and his partner had an amazing booth, selling merch and of course anime cookbooks of recipes he’s made from his videos (I of course bought both). His panel was also really fun and interactive, not many panels talk to you instead of at you. It was also a very big plus that he made these tiny little cupcakes that tasted so good! I was able to snag a box to bring home and share, although sadly they met their demise in my mouth. 

Overall, Rose City was so much fun and catered to the fans that attended, and tried to be as interactive as they could be with everyone coming in the doors. I can’t wait to go down to Portland again, during next year’s Rose City Comic Con (September 22-24th, 2023)!

Ali Raphael
Ali Raphael
Ali is a professional workaholic but likes to add more to her plate by reviewing comics/books/ tv shows/movies and anime. In every other waking moment, she breathes books, manga and anything Marvel. Every day she wishes she was a Part-Time Avenger, instead of a full-time Target employee.

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