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BECSTAR #1 review/recap – BECSTAR hits the mark (Corallo, Colangeli, Gil, Boo) Mad Cave Studios

Thanks to Mad Cave Studios for the review copy!

Right off the bat, BECSTAR has me intrigued. Only five pages in, and we already see a pretty violent attack on a secure compound, a blood-thirsty android on a mission, and a priceless treasure with the ability to grant foresight. The Clairvoyance Rod, as it is called, has a rather nasty side-effect of extreme paranoia for whoever holds onto it too long. After the rods original carrier, Furlough, is quickly defeated by the evil Lord Mordecai’s android, Ozgar, it ends up in the surprisingly able hands of young Paprika. Though scared and confused after narrowly escaping death-by-android, Paprika manages to track down the one person she has been told can help – Becstar. Becstar, a seemingly bored, aimless captain of the Restcal-08, strikes me as a Han Solo type, with her reckless, selfish attitude and her loyal (though admittedly less furry) firstmate Sally.

After dodging an attack by a couple more Mordecai android lackeys, we discover Bec carries a piece of treasure herself – a dagger that grants insane luck. As the story unfolds, we learn Furlough, Mordecai, Becstar, and an unintroduced fourth, Anyssa, used to form the mercenary group – Ophiuchus. Each gifted with a piece of treasure from an ancient temple gig, the team eventually disbanded and went their separate ways. Now, it seems, Mordecai would rather collect all the treasure for himself versus let his ex-teammates enjoy their powers. BECSTAR#1 ends with the three female leads escaping in search of Anyssa, but leaves me in suspense as I learn their enemy is already one step ahead of them… 

Joe Carello’s writing engages you from the very beginning and creates a captivating world of characters you actually care about. Lorenzo Colangeli’s illustrations encapsulate the tone of the book, and pleasingly guide the eyes from panel to panel. I especially appreciate the strategic use of cool tones to enclose villainy and a faded sepia to indicate memory. All in all, BECSTAR #1 is a solid story, more than capable of holding my attention and investing me in future issues.

BECSTAR #1 is set for release on May 5th, 2021

Are you going to pick up the issue? Let me know in the comments!

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