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BRONZE AGE BOOGIE #1 Review: Time Travel with Go Go…Golem?

Bronze Age Boogie #1 cover

Written by Stuart Moore and Tyrone Finch with interior art by Alberto Ponticelli and Mauricet, and coloring by :Giulia Brusco. Cover art by Alberto Ponticelli.

Thanks to AHOY Comics for providing a copy of Bronze Age Boogie #1 for review!

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a character named Go Go Golem in the world now, and they’re pretty excellent. Admittedly Go Go doesn’t do much in issue #1, but I am so excited to see what their role will be in future issues, I may just read for them.

Aside from a Golem in platform boots, this issue packs a multi-generational punch! The primary character Brita feels trapped in the bronze age, fighting a war she isn’t particularly passionate about. Thankfully events transpire to transport her to an altogether different time. You quickly see that one thing this story has going for it is diversity. There are many major characters who are people of color, some sentient monkeys, and even aliens. It was a lot of fun seeing who or what made an appearance throughout the book.

Throwing all of these time periods and character types together in one story is no doubt a big task for both writer and artist. Each of the 2 primary time periods felt equally detailed in a lot of ways, and I loved seeing the dichotomy between worlds. I’m looking forward to seeing what other decades, or even planets the story could visit in future issues.

The found family vibes in this book are screaming off the page. I’m really excited to see how Brita will interact and find her place among the inhabitants of the 80s era. She seems like a very thoughtful individual brimming with bravery, and I want to see where those traits will take her.

Having recently read Umbrella Academy I felt some similarities there, in regard to the atmosphere and the general character design. The story is wholly different, but I think if you like Umbrella Academy you should give this series a try!

Bronze Age Boogie #1 is now available.

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Samantha Maybe
Samantha Maybehttps://www.theconventioncollective.com
Sam is a San Diego transplant and SDCC attendee of 5+ years. Recently, she rediscovered a love for reading prose, and loves staying plugged into the comics world through The Convention Collective, and the SDCC graphic novel book club. You can find more of her bookish thoughts on Instagram @Sammaybereading.

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