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CROSSOVER #2 review: An Intriguing Step In The Story Line (Cates, Shaw, Cunniffe, Hill, Waid) – Image Comics

Thanks to Image Comics for the review copy!

Disclaimer: CROSSOVER #2 effectively builds on the story arc started in the first issue. If you have not picked up the first issue, I recommend you start there. The first issue has foundational knowledge that makes the second issue a more enjoyable read. The story line is that comic book heroes come to life, and are battling it out in Denver, Colorado. Someone raised a forcefield dome around the city to contain the superheroes in one place.

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, CROSSOVER #2 picks up where we left our main characters, running from a crazed mob, with a strange little girl, Ava. As they sit in their hideout, we begin to understand that there is much more to this universe than the typical ‘fiction becomes reality’ story arc. 

We also get a peek behind the curtain to see what the government is doing. How they have moved their plans forward, and how they plan to end the superhero mayhem.  

As Ellie or “El” and her boss Otto, the comic book store owner, discuss their options, Ava reveals her secret, and her savior. She is a refugee, hiding from a government run amuck, and her savior is an unexpected, but familiar hero. Now Otto and El must decide if, and how they will help Ava rejoin her family. I do not want to ruin the story for you so, I will stop here. However, be forewarned there is a great cliffhanger that will compel you to snag the next issue.

The story is interesting, and it is easy to identify with the characters, a lost little girl, a lost adult woman, and a pessimistic seasoned shop owner. Their perspectives of the world around them collide, but in the end, there will have to be harmony.

I am eagerly awaiting the next installment.

CROSSOVER #2 is set for release on December 9th.

Did you pick up the first issue of CROSSOVER? Are you going to get this issue? Let us know in the comments!

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