Review by Sam Beard


DELVER #2 Written by MK Reed & C. Spike Trotman, Art by Clive Hawken, Color by Maarta Laiho, Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

Throughout Delver #2 the appearance of Dungeon continues to upend the previously rural community of Oddgoat. As time goes by and more merchants and explorers come to explore Dungeon, they bring a bit too much change for local resident, Temerity. She hadn’t previously established herself as the primary character for me, but she is solidified as the main person of interest in issue #2.

In an effort to aid her family in this time of immense change, Merit starts to take weapons lessons from a travelling swordsman. Even though he ends up being an individual of questionable character, Merit soon meets Clem who turns out to be a more reliable adventurer. The pair of them discuss take a quick trip to Dungeon, which will most likely end in heartache.

This story has some major Dungeons & Dragons vibes. If issue #1 is the backstory, issue #2 is the party/character creation. I can’t wait to start seeing the campaign into Dungeon start properly in future issues. If you enjoy tabletop RPGs I highly recommend you add Delver to your reading list!

You can read the second issue of Delver now on comiXology!

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