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DUEL IDENTITY issues 0-2 review: An interesting twist on the super heroine secret identity trope (Lee, Nuguit, Lam, Ilagan, Han, Matheny) Absolute Comics

  • Creator: Benny R. Powell
  • Writer: Elaine Lee
  • Artist: Francis Nuguit (issue #0), Jon Lam (issues #1 and #2)
  • Colorist: Marlon Ilagan (issue #0), Candice Han (issues #1 and #2)
  • Letterer: Zach Matheny
  • Issue #1 Cover Artist: Ruiz Burgos (Cover A), Brandon Peterson (Cover B), Jaime Tyndall (Cover C)
  • Issue #2 Cover Artist: Ruiz Burgos (Cover A), Creees Art (Cover B)
  • Layout for issue #2: Delanie Sleeper
  • Editors: Brian Augustyn and David Lawrence (issue #1), Jenna Powell and Benny Powell (issue #2)
  • Production Director: Jenna M. Powell (issue #1)

Thanks to Absolute Comics for the review copy!

An interesting twist on the super heroine using a secret identity, we now have a super spy using a super heroine as her secret identity.

‘The Group’ is an organization of spies, with resources a plenty. They have the capabilities to create nanite enhanced super spies that can change their appearance and bestow superpowers. This technology is what created White Widow. The Group has an enhanced super spy program known as Codename Artemis. Artemis is a mission focused, cold hearted, professional. She gets the hard jobs because she doesn’t fail. Well… At least for a little while. On her latest mission, one of her covers is blown in an attempted assassination, when the lights come back on and her face is captured on video. She saves a powerful CEO using her powers from crossfire during the mission. So what is a spy with a blown cover and recorded super powers to do? Change that persona into the First Super Heroine this universe has seen, Andromeda!

The Group spins up a wacky story of a half human have alien raised in the desert by hermits on the outskirts of a secret government facility. As it was said in the book, Andromeda’s origin story is “a bit like Superman meets Area 51.” The fact that the writers can have a little fun with the story adds some lightness to a story that could otherwise take itself too seriously.

The art is great at depicting movement and action. The illustrators translate phasing, and camouflage in visually interesting ways. The story has been interesting and should offer lots of opportunity to grow the character. There are glimpses that Artemis may be growing a heart, which will likely lead to inner conflict like we saw in White Widow. 

DUEL IDENTITY issues 0-2 are now available.

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