ECCC 2019: In Conversation with Norm Harper (Emerald City Comic Con, March 2019)


ReedPOP’s Emerald City Comic Con once again takes over the immense WA State Convention Center in Seattle, attracting tens of thousands of comic book and pop culture fans from across the globe, by showcasing some of the best creative talents there is to offer – our correspondent on the ground, Samantha Maybe, has been very lucky to be invited along as Press, meaning she’s got the chance to speak one-on-one with members of this outstanding creative melting pot.

Here at The Convention Collective, we really like THE SEQUELS. Like, really like THE SEQUELS! Published by Fanbase Press, written by Norm Harper andwith art by Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony, it has been ticking all of our boxes in terms of ’80s nostalgia, sci-fi, horror and action tropes and a wonderful sense of empowerment and self-analysis that you don’t often find in modern comics.

(Seriously, we’ve flipped for this book: do check out Samantha Maybe’s reviews for Issues #1 and #2, here THE SEQUELS #1: HOLY 80S NOSTALGIA BATMAN! and here THE SEQUELS #2 REVIEW: TESTING THE LIMITS OF FRIENDSHIP, IN SPACE!)

Norm Harper, Emerald City Comic Con (March 2019)

At Emerald City Comic Con, Samantha was given the chance to talk to writer Norm Harper about the book, about what drove him to write it, about the methods he took to tackling some of the more fundamental underpinnings of THE SEQUELS in terms of how it deals with mental health, and what he has in store for the book down the line as well as his upcoming book, HAPHAVEN. It’s a great chat and we hope you enjoy…

Find out more about THE SEQUELS, and order your copies, here, as well as ordering your copy of HAPHAVEN, here.

Thanks to Norm for taking time out of his busy con, and to Samantha for bringing the interview to us…



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