The Sequels #2 Review: Testing the limits of friendship, in Space!

Review by Sam Beard


THE SEQUELS #2 Written by Norm Harper, Art by Val Halvorson & Bobby Timony, Lettered by Oceano Ransford, with cover art by Don Aguillo

After The Sequels #1, (read my review here), it was clear that the crew of misfit 80s kid heroes wasn’t finished having epic adventures! Issue #2 picks up with the team face to face with Exotech, the big bad conglomerate that separated a boy and his robot years ago. This time around, it will take a wishing stone and some extra-terrestrial hijinks to keep these explorers safe.

Sequels #2 focuses on continuing the primary plot line. The attention to existential depression isn’t as present, instead we get a look into lifelong paranoia and trust issues. I love how this look at mental health builds off of 80s tropes and stereotypes to push the story into the future. The misfit crew has to deal with the fallout from some of their earlier adventures, and that may not end well for all involved!

I’m still loving this story, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. I’m hoping that we’ll get to see each of the primary characters explore their own unique past’s in more depth. I want to see them each find ways to move past those experiences as a group and realize that they can find acceptance in a world that’s much weirder than they ever thought.

If you haven’t picked up Sequels #1 yet, what are you waiting for!? The second installment is available on Comixology March 20th, and the trade paperback of the whole series is on sale in July!

Thanks to Fanbase Press for providing a copy of The Sequels #2 for review!

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