HORIZON ZERO DAWN #1 review – The End Was Just the Beginning


Thanks to Titan Comics for the review copy!

HORIZON ZERO DAWN is a series based on the video game of the same name. HORIZON ZERO DAWN is set in a future where a global catastrophe has pretty much destroyed technology, except for robot animals that are the antagonists to the human characters.  This series is set after the video game.

First, a confession is in order. I played Horizon Zero Dawn on my Playstation 4. While I love the game, I wasn’t able to finish the it due to time and my deteriorating video game abilities. So, while I’m quite familiar with Aloy, the character you control in the game, I didn’t know much about Talanah, the other main character in this series who is the focus of this issue. The video game does an excellent job establishing the world and some of that knowledge is useful context for this book. With that said, the nice thing about this book is, it has a helpful introduction, describing the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and the main characters. This helps remove the need to have played the game to enjoy the book.

Even having not completed the game, I enjoyed this book. The robot animals and character design are consistent with the game, though the art style is quite different. There are some neat action sequences that satisfyingly mirror the way combat in the game works. This issue effectively sets up the storyline for the rest of the series. Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn will enjoy this expansion of the world created by the hit game. Robot animals may provide enough zing to entertain new readers as well.

HORIZON ZERO DAWN #1 is available now. is available now.

Check back in a few weeks for my thoughts on issue 2 of this series.

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