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IMAGE COMICS – NEWS WEEK (November 26, 2018)

In our latest installment of the week that was in Image Comics news, we have a preview of the final issue of Matt Wagner’s epic series MAGE, news on the next Millarworld franchise, and more. 

The week kicked off with a preview of the two different covers for MAGE #15. The series from Matt Wagner will wrap up after 35 years and multiple publishers next February. 

The issue will feature art and writing from Matt Wagner along with Brennan Wagner handling the coloring, and Dave Lanphear tasked with the lettering in the conclusion to the long running series. 

The 56 page issue will be released on February 27th and retail for $7.99 USD with artwork for both covers handled by Matt Wagner. 

Image followed up the Monday news above with the announcement of the next Millarworld franchise. 

SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER was announced by Netflix and Millarworld. The comic book about a “blue-collar bounty-hunter tracking criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket-powered ice-cream truck” from Mark Millar and artist Simone Bianchi will be released on February 20th, 2019 with seven cover versions. 

Also on Wednesday, Image announced that MIDDLEWEST (which was one of LeeAnn’s weekly comic picks) will be getting a second print with a new artwork from Skottie Young. The new printing will be released on January 2nd. 

The series is “A blend of dark fantasy best described as classic Don Bluth animation meets Return to Oz, MIDDLEWEST is the tale of Abel, a young boy who must navigate an old land in order to reconcile his family’s history” features artwork from Jorge Corona with writing from Young. 

Our final piece of news for the week is that the two time Eisner Award nominated noir series HIGH CRIMES from writer Christopher Sebela and artist Ibrahim Moustafa will be collected as a trade paperback this February. 

Full press releases are below. All artwork courtesy of Image. 


PORTLAND, OR, 11/26/2018 — Image Comics is pleased to announce that long-running, cult-favorite series MAGE by Matt Wagner will feature a special, breathtaking 8-page gatefold in the finale issue of the series, MAGE: THE HERO DENIED #15. This highly collectible issue will bring the series to a stunning conclusion after 35 years of adventure.

First premiering as part of the indie comics boom in the ’80s, MAGE tells the story of the classic Hero’s Journey through the lens of a contemporary setting and as an allegorical autobiography of Wagner himself. 

Wagner’s fictional alter-ego, Kevin Matchstick, confronts both supernatural enemies as well as his own humanity in his heroic role—a modern-day incarnation of the legendary Pendragon, wielder of the mystic weapon, Excalibur. 

A vanguard of the independent comics movement for decades, Wagner is perhaps best known for his epic crime-and-sci-fi noir narrative, Grendel, but it is in the pages of MAGE that his most personal story comes to fruition.

“MAGE has been an utterly unique and rewarding experience for me,” said Wagner. “I’d like to thank both my new and longtime readers, especially those dedicated fans who have stuck with MAGE through the long gaps between the various books of the trilogy. Your continued interest and passion for this story have always served to inspire me. And I’d also like to thank the entire Image Comics crew in their unfailing support and enthusiasm for seeing this project through to completion.”

MAGE: THE HERO DENIED #15 Cover A by Wagner (Diamond Code DEC180259) and Cover B by Wagner (Diamond Code DEC180260) will feature colors by Brennan Wagner and letters by Dave Lanphear as a special oversized issue weighing in at 56 pages. 

It will retail for $7.99 and arrives in stores on Wednesday, February 27th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, February 4th.

MAGE: THE HERO DENIED #15 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.


Superstar artist Simone Bianchi will illustrate the comic book

HOLLYWOOD, CA 11/27/2018 — Today, Netflix and Millarworld announced their third comic book collaboration, SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER, from writer and creator Mark Millar. Millar has named comic book artist Simone Bianchi to bring SHARKEY to life on the printed page. This is the third Millarworld franchise since Mark Millar joined Netflix on staff, following the best-selling THE MAGIC ORDER and the upcoming PRODIGY, which is set to be released on December 5. SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER will be available from Image Comics in comic book stores and online on February 20th, 2019.

Set in a brilliant new sci-fi universe, Sharkey is a blue-collar bounty-hunter tracking criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket-powered ice-cream truck. Aided and abetted by his ten-year-old partner, he’s out for the biggest bounty of his career. SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER has been developed as a feature film since last year, with writer Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World21 Jump Street) writing the screenplay.

“When I joined Netflix on staff last year we had this crazy plan of a big sci-fi universe of movies and Sharkey is the first of these,” said Millar, President and Chief Creative Officer, Millarworld, a subsidiary of Netflix. “The Magic Order is our fantasy/ horror franchise, Prodigy is our big adventure movies and Sharkey kicks off a whole world of sci-fi that’s just a great action comedy in the style of all the movies I grew up with. I love blue-collar heroes and I like the parent/ kid dynamic from movies like Paper Moon or Leon: The Professional and, of course, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. This is all the things Star Wars or Marvel can’t get away with. We start where they kinda draw the line and I love this freedom creatively as we’ve never seen space done this way before. To have Simone Bianchi drawing the comic-book side of all this and working from the amazing production designs is an honour. The team is just incredible. Simone and I have talking about working together since my days at Marvel so it’s a total blessing to finally be working with this Italian genius.”

SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 will be available in stores on Wednesday, February 20th. The final order cutoff deadline is Monday, January 28th.

  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1Cover A Bianchi – Diamond Code DEC180050
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 Cover B Sketch Bianchi – Diamond Code DEC180051
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 Cover C Quitely – Diamond Code DEC180052
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 Cover D Scalera – Diamond Code DEC180053
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 Cover E Yildirim – Diamond Code DEC180054
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 Cover F Blank variant – Diamond Code DEC180055
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 Cover G Kerschl – Diamond Code DEC180056

SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.


PORTLAND, OR, 11/27/2018 — Eisner-nominated and New York Times bestselling creator Skottie Young (I HATE FAIRYLANDBULLY WARSDeadpool) and breakout, Russ Manning Award-winning artist Jorge Corona (NO. 1 WITH A BULLETFeathers, Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack) have captured the hearts of readers with sweeping new fantasy series MIDDLEWEST. MIDDLEWEST #1 is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with ongoing demand, and the second printing cover will feature exciting new art by Young himself.

The lands between the coasts are vast, slow to change, and full of hidden magics. Mistakes have been made, and in MIDDLEWEST, an unwitting adventurer searches for answers to quell a coming storm that knows his name. A blend of dark fantasy best described as classic Don Bluth animation meets Return to Oz, MIDDLEWEST is the tale of Abel, a young boy who must navigate an old land in order to reconcile his family’s history.

MIDDLEWEST #1, 2nd printing (Diamond Code OCT188507) will be available on Wednesday, January 2nd. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, December 3rd.

MIDDLEWEST #1 is also available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play. Fans can also subscribe to receive the series delivered by mail within the domestic U.S. on Image Direct.

MIDDLEWEST #2 (Diamond Code OCT180222) will be available on Wednesday, December 19th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, November 26th.

Select praise for MIDDLEWEST:

“Compelling, though-provoking and enchanting…Everything comes together nicely, from the art, to the writing, pacing and palette. Definitely give this comic a go.” —Impulse Gamer

“I was sucked in from page one and couldn’t put it down.” —Mark Waid

“Very real. Very magical. Very amazing. Your favorite new comic book is here.” —Jason Aaron

“Skottie Young’s name on a book means I buy it. He’s pretty much the most interesting creator around at the moment.” —Mark Millar

“I’ve read a lot of comics in my life, but few of them hit me in the heart as much as Middlewest. We all know Skottie Young is a visionary artist, but Middlewest marks his emergence as a wonderful writer as well. It’s heartfelt and gorgeously drawn. I’m in for the long haul. It feels like a long lost cousin to Sweet Tooth and Essex County.” —Jeff Lemire

“A beautiful, captivating book.” —Monkeys Fighting Robots

Skottie Young got his start at Marvel on titles like Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider Clan, Human Torch, and Venom. He soon began adapting the L. Frank Baum OZ novels at Marvel with Eric Shanower. He is best known for writing and drawing the hit series Rocket Raccoon, illustrating the children’s book Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman, and the Young Marvel variant covers. He’s also the cartoonist of I HATE FAIRYLAND and is currently writing and co-creating MIDDLEWEST with artist Jorge Corona and BULLY WARS with artist and co-creator Aaron Conley.

Jorge Corona is a Venezuelan sequential artist and the winner of the 2015 Russ Manning Award. A writer and illustrator, his works include We are… RobinNightwing, and The Flash for DC Comics; Big Trouble in Little ChinaOld Man JackAdventure Time ComicsJim Henson’s The Storyteller: Dragons, and others for BOOM! Studios. Corona is also the co-creator of GONERS and NO. 1 WITH A BULLET (nominated for the 2018 Eisner Awards for Best Cover Artist) alongside Jacob Semahn for Image Comics, and creator of Feathers, his all-ages dark fantasy, for Archaia Entertainment. Corona is currently the artist and co-creator of Image Comics’ MIDDLEWEST with writer and co-creator Skottie Young. Jorge lives in Denver, CO with his wife and fellow artist, Morgan Beem.


PORTLAND, OR, 11/29/2018 — Writer Christopher Sebela (CROWDED, SHANGHAI RED, We(l)come Back) and artist Ibrahim Moustafa (JaegerMother PanicJames Bond) will release a trade paperback collection of their two-time Eisner-nominated series HIGH CRIMES this February from Image Comics.

“Making HIGH CRIMES was one hell of a climb, and I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re going to be able to share it with more readers via the Image banner,” said Moustafa. 

People die every year on Mount Everest. This year will be murder. 

Zan Jensen works as a climbing guide for rich tourists in Kathmandu. And on the side, she and her partner Haskell moonlight as high-altitude graverobbers, extorting money from the families of the many dead bodies that litter the peaks of the Himalayas. But when they find a body with a jackpot of state secrets embedded in its skin at the summit of Mount Everest, they wind up in the crosshairs of a government agency bent on recovering the body—and eliminating any witnesses. 

“HIGH CRIMES is responsible for my whole career,” added Sebela. “Born from years of obsession with Everest and a last-ditch attempt to make the only book I cared about making, it came out so much better than I ever could have imagined, and I’m excited to share it with a whole new audience.”

HIGH CRIMES (Diamond code: DEC180082, ISBN: 978-1-5343-1047-6) hits comic book stores on Wednesday, February 20th and bookstores on Tuesday, February 26th. It can be preordered via AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-MillionIndiebound, and Indigo.

HIGH CRIMES will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play. 
Select praise for HIGH CRIMES:

“The perfect thriller, with big stakes, damaged characters, dark pasts, and just the right ratio of humor-to-corpses.” —Chelsea Cain

“This is must-read stuff.” —Publishers Weekly

“Sharp as an ice ax, taut as a climbing rope. The writing and art have a vertiginous quality as if at any moment the characters—and you with ’em—will drop down into a dark canyon abyss. Let me put it another way: if you’re not reading HIGH CRIMES, we probably can’t be friends.” —Chuck Wendig

“Exceptional and chilling.” —The Beat

“Brutal and great and everything I love about crime comics and nothing like anything I’ve read before.” —Matt Fraction

“HIGH CRIMES has a premise that makes me jealous, characters I believe in, and art that ramps up the story. All I want is an adventure story with some depth, and HIGH CRIMES is all I want.” —Paul Tobin

“A satisfying, immersive mystery—bold in its simplicity. Moustafa and Sebela are the real deal.” —Kelly Sue DeConnick

“Tightly paced, fantastically drawn.” —Bleeding Cool

Dan Berry
Dan Berry
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