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Kappa Force review: Super Inclusion Power


Director/Executive Producer: Hannah Welever

Writer/Executive Producer/Casting Director: Addison Heimann 

Cast: Alanna Rogers – Jeanie, Madeline Weinstein – Jen, Emily Lane – Penny, Emilie Modaff – Chartreuse, Alex Fisher – Cassidy, Aja Wiltshire – Pippa, Elle Walker – Lavender, Kyra Jones – Alexa, Michaela Petro – Mom, JJ Phillips – The Douche, Walter Briggs – Brock, Dan Wenzel – Luke, Matt Yee – Kev, Cooper Johnson – President Hannigan, Cindy Gold – Rose, Addison Heimann – Student 1/Computer Bro, Patrick Agada – Student 2, Paige Klone- Computer

Synopsis: A camp comic superhero satire, KAPPA FORCE is the newest Revry Original series – an inter-sectional queer take on college rom-coms. Welcome to State University, the premiere All-American University located somewhere in the United States. This place has everything: Greek Life, Division 1 sports, five kick ass sorority sisters doubling as a masked crime fighting unit keeping the campus safe from evil, and a Chipotle. This CW meets MCU melodrama finds freshman Jen immersed in a clash between a superhero sorority and the patriarchy. When one of the sorority sisters is murdered at the hands of a new villain calling himself “The Douche,” the stability of the sisterhood, the college, and the entirety of America, comes into jeopardy in this fully formed fantasy along the lines of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER with pop parodies of The Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, Paula Cole, Third Eye Blind and tongue-in-cheek nods to queer history. – from press release 

Thoughts: In an era of a evolving comedy the consistent question seems to be, what can we safely make fun of. This question is often asked by those unwilling to include the world unless its substitutes for a joke, which is what makes Kappa Force so refreshing. The jokes are indicative of the changing face of acceptance in todays youth and how inclusive it has become without the pratfalls of previous humor. From the lack of need to point out “Look, we have …” and creating subverted stories generating sympathy for marginalized groups, Kappa Force allows you to experience the story itself. No token representation allows us to enjoy what is notably a low budget production with a great foundation. The show leaves room for improvement in what hopefully will be an ongoing presence, helping to define a somewhat regressive Comic book community, allowing the womxn positions of power that present without the male savior. The villain is a trope based in toxic masculinity but not in a way that drives a separate story. The length of each short seems compacted so it feels a bit disjointed but not confusing. 

Watchable? Weekend watcher. The unconscious inclusion is subtle in its organic presentation of the characters, but speaks volumes in a day and age that struggles with pushback. The show is proof that true representation is a flawless evolution amongst the younger generation, and possible with minimal effort. 

For more information on KAPPA FORCE check out their website at https://www.kappaforce.com/

Have you watched the series? What are your thoughts? Want to talk to me about this show? Feel free to chat with me on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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